Now I am not one to normally post or brag about the insane amount of monies I rake in on a daily/weekly/monthly basis (I know ones who do, and I find it tedious and most of the time those bitches are lying ).  However today I was asked by one boy in particular how well I was doing financially.  I am used to having money come easily.  I am used to getting everything that I desire.  I grew up in a well to do family and graduated high school with a trust fund.  Jealous?  I am sure you are.  Some women are born into it, some fake it, some earn it, and others…like me, are simply always FLUSH with Cash.  Manipulation has always been a strong point of mine, add that to a dose of MIND FUCKERY and you have yourself a never ending supply of exactly what you want (money/adoration/gifts…).


Anyway, timmy(aforementioned boy) is utterly obsessed with the numbers.  I am sure some of you are as well.  It makes your pathetic cock hard to hear how much power I have to bring the masses to their knees and make them PAY.  You cannot hear enough about the fruits of My labor in the seductive art of Financial domination.  Every time I mention cash, each time you view pictures of extravegant gifts that my brainwashed boys are purchasing, it inflames your desire to worship Me/please Me/ PAY ME.

It’s been a good week..other weeks have been better for sure, but why the hell not mention some of the greenery thats been decorating My bank account as of late?  Oooo, and the gifts MMMMMM, how I do adore having access to a very wealthy boy’s credit card..I get whatever I want-whenever I want it.  What could possibly be better? Look below and thank Me greatly for the mini indulgence into the world of a cruel and sadistic hypno manipulatrix with a strong penchant for ruination…

This week in MONEY:

        Niteflirt=over $4000.00                  

Amazon gift cards=$2250.00


This week in GIFTS:

new iMac computer from banker=$1500.00

2 Nordstrom orders made with boy’s cc=over $1000.00 total

new Botkier leather purse from boy=$550.00

This week in BILLS PAID:

wireless bill paid by banker= $350.00

cable bill paid by banker= $250.00

car payment paid by boy=$650.00

There are, of course, various small and meaningless tributes that I have aquired over the week.  A little greendot and some cash in the mail (which makes me wet everytime).  Some other gifts that I cannot remember at this point, and …well, I don’t recall what else. 

When you see what it’s like to serve Me, you crave to give in entirely.  You become desperate for My pleasure, and will take steps to ensure that I always win. 




Just a little preview to drop you to your knees and keep you there.

Worship ME.

Adore ME.

Submit to ME.

Obey ME.

Give Goddess Heidi Everything.

So I have decided to make this My secret blog full of covert plans and devious mind fuckings. 

 If you are lucky enough to have this link, use it often and use it hard. 

Only good boys are allowed access, only those who appreciate Me for all that I am worth. 

Expect posts often, but prepare yourself for the mayhem and carnage that may ensue. 

I am known for My ravenous and insatiable hunger toward exploitation and mind fuckery, and will use any tactics necessary to satsify said hunger. 

Don’t be scared…I’ll be gentle.

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